Also known as rhytidectomy

A facelift treats facial wrinkles and sagging caused by aging. If you feel that your face does not reflect your youthful spirit and energy level or you determine that your facial aging and excess skin is a obstacle to career or social goals then facelift surgery may be the solution. Facelift surgery varies from minimally invasive ‘lunchtime lifts’ to more extensive surgery. A facelift removes excess skin, tightens underlying tissues and muscle and redrapes skin in a natural position over the face and neck. It can correct midface drooping, marionette lines, or folds from the lower lip to the chin, jowls and sagging neck skin.  Facelift surgery has maintained its reputation as the ‘gold standard’ for facial rejuvenation. In addition to drooping of the facial skin the neck is one of the first places where we began to show our age. Fatty jowls, vertical neck bands and horizontal creases tend to make us look older than we feel. A neck lift can enhances the appearance of the neck by tightening the skin and underlying muscles to improving the contour of the jawline. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a facelift or liposuction, but may be done as an isolated procedure. Every year, many people undergo successful facelift and neck lift surgery and are pleased with the results.